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Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Web Developer, Photographer,

Advisory Board Member

Delaware based artist, Ryan Berry, has been sharpening his graphic design abilities while exploring new techniques for the past few years. Ryan has acquired a degree in Broadcast journalism accompanied by a minor in art from, the prestigious school of excellence, Hampton University. After acquiring his degree, Berry pursued work in various vocations while continuing to expand his knowledge in numerous art fields and programs.Upon the completion of school, Ryan began working at an Emergency Response Firm as a technical specialist. Ryan's primary tasks were building a Learning Management System (L.M.S.), communicating and assisting Fortune 500 clients, designing flyers and office art using Adobe Creative Suite. He also assisted in the setup and breakdown of video and photography shoots. Berry moved on from his technical specialist position to focus on art while giving back to his community. He accomplished this by becoming an Art teacher at the Middle School that he attended. That is where his artistic ability and creative eye flourished. All of these experiences have assisted Ryan greatly in his development, growth, and passion for all art forms. The former Art teacher infuses arts elements and principles with his distinctive style to formulate unique visual experience.


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