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About Denise

Retired Educator, Founding Board Member

Denise is an educator with over 35 years of experience with the public education system in Delaware. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in special education, a Master of Elementary Education, and an additional 60 credits as a retired educator in the State of Delaware. After teaching 35 years in the Indian River School District, Denise went back on a part-time basis as a special education coordinator to assist Sussex Academy Charter School for 2 two years. She is the author of a Children's study titled "What About Our Money," which was published by United Methodist Women in 2018. Denise Snyder was chosen as one of the 25 founding members of the Teachers’ Leadership Network, a partnership with the Department of Education and the Rodel Foundation in Delaware.

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ADDRESS: P.O. Box 531, Georgetown, DE 19947

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