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Learn more about the origin and background of The Bryan Allen Stevenson School of Excellence.


“Proximity is a pathway through which we learn the kind of things we need to know to make healthier communities.”

The Bryan Allen Stevenson School of Excellence is named in honor of Bryan Stevenson, a prolific social justice activist and lawyer from Milton, Delaware. Mr. Stevenson often talks about the notion of proximity in his work. “Proximity is a pathway through which we learn the kind of things we need to know to make healthier communities.” By “getting proximate,” or closer, to the needs of the community, we can see the problems for what they are and create sustainable solutions.

We know the path to a strong and healthy community is complex and requires deep collaboration at every point.

Therefore, we convened a small group of community members to determine what proximity means for our rural Sussex County community. The challenges of the rural ecosystem foster gaps in innovation, a lack of coordinated social services, and limited access to opportunities.  

We want to ensure that a free public school is available in Sussex County that will provide countless opportunities for students to learn through a community-focused service-learning lens and academic rigor. Students will be provided work and service experiences that will bring students knowledge of their community needs and challenges, helping them to hopefully innovate in those spaces. Combined with a rigorous academic curriculum, BASSE will offer students a unique chance to explore, achieve, and positively impact their school and their community.

BASSE Origin
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His principles of integrity, justice and excellence are foundational to foster success and leadership in our Delaware students.

Mr. Stevenson talked about “getting proximate” with the problem; we know that the injustices in our criminal justice system are directly related to the inequities in our education system.

Therefore, we must get proximate with the lack of educational opportunities in our Delaware community. We believe BASSE can help provide additional options for students in Delaware.

Bryan Allen Stevenson


VISION: To foster critically conscious individuals who are self-empowered leaders and advocates for change in our community.


To ensure excellence by requiring rigorous and high-quality instruction from teachers and a supportive and challenging learning environment for students.


To foster equity by creating access to local resources and global opportunities.


To embrace our community by building bridges between our students, their families and the community at large.


To elevate the voice of our students by providing them with a platform to address the current state of our community and plant the seeds for its future.


To inspire hope by facilitating spaces where students see that the exponential potential of our community.

MISSION: To create pathways, through proximity, for our students, their families, and our community.

Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

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ADDRESS: 21133 Sterling Ave, Suite 12, Georgetown, DE 19947

TEL: (302) 448-8343  |  EMAIL:

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